Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide

Cozumel highest point

Cozumel Beaches, Coconuts Bar and Grill.

Coconuts bar and grill is a popular hangout with the vacation crowd as they bar hop around the island in search of beach clubs. It is situated on top of the highest point on Cozumel, Mexico and is accessible via a long and winding stair made of natural coral rock. Coconuts food is the normal American burgers and french fries, along with Mexican favorites like nachos, fajitas, and an extensive selection of beer and drinks.
Cozumel Beaches with popular American food
Emily is here on a permenent Cozumel vacation.

Emily (a manikin) poses for pictures with her cool shades and t-shirt. The owner proudly shares the house photo album with visitors who are interested in knowing where the name of the restaurant originates. And if you would like to bare all and take a picture (girls only) you too can become part of the album collection for all future visitors to gawk at!

One of the most entertaining characters is "Elvis" the large emerald green iquana He will wear his hat and guitar for photo ops Although Elvis doesn't sing he is a big hit at Coconuts. There is also a second floor that most visitors are not aware of. From this vantage point you can look over the jungle and see everything because you are at Cozumel highest point.

A beautiful view of Cozumel's coastline
Old picture of Sand Cave below Coconuts
Another little known fact is that until a few years ago Coconuts sat on top of a really cool sand cave. At night it was a great place to hang out and watch the moon rise. The best part about the cave was that very few people knew about it. You could not see if from the road or from the restaurant. Only locals that knew about it from word of mouth knew it was there. Several years back it was obvious that the cave was starting to disintegrate and one day it just caved in! But here is a rare photo taken inside of the sand cave.