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Cozumel Mexico shopping: Los Cinco Soles.

  • Cinco Soles, Cozumel
  • Cinco Soles, Cozumel
Cinco Soles, Cozumel Cinco Soles, Cozumel

Cozumel Mexico .net is proud to feature Los Cinco Soles (The Five Suns). This most unique and extraordinary store is best known for their sheer variety of exquisite artesian art, which is masterfully crafted from every region of Mexico. From jewelry, to embroidered woman's clothing, pottery to fine art. If it can't be found at Los Cinco Soles, it can not be found anywhere in Mexico!

It is hard not to find something that would appeal to every one and every budget. From expensive detailed master crafted Mexican Folk art and clothing to dozens of varieties of Tequila, glassware, or fine jewelry. There is truly something for everyone's taste to be found in this treasure filled converted Hacienda.

Cozumel Shopping; Cinco SolesOriginally introduced by the Spanish settlers in the 18th Century; today Mexico is the worlds leading producer of Talavera. This intricate and detailed hand painted art work is produced in several regions of Mexico. Each region has its own style and characteristics; where Spanish features have blended with native Indian designs to give each piece its own unique characteristics!

Talavera takes at least two firings to create this most unique pottery. One firing is to harden the clay and another is to incorporate the enamel paints. It is hand decorated with thin brushes on the cream-colored background that covers the whole piece. The most noted state to produce Talavera is Guanajuato which is characterized by warm colors and scenes of nature and everyday life.

Mexican PotteryArcoiris "Pottery" Masks and pre-Columbian replicas are outstanding gifts as well as souvenirs. You can hang them on your wall or adorn your office desk or mantle with these beautiful pieces. 

The Maya had specific techniques to create, inscribe, paint, and design pottery. To begin creating a ceramic vessel the Maya had to locate the proper resources for clay and temper. The present-day indigenous Maya, who currently live in Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico still create wonderful ceramics. In Mexico, there are a range of clays that create varied colors and strengths when fired. Today's Maya locate their clays in the exposed river systems of the highland valleys. It is hypothesized that the ancient people obtained their clay by the same method as today's Maya. Most likely, due to the climatic similarities over the last millennia it is likely that these same deposits or similar ones could have been used in early times. So bring a piece of Mayan history back home with you; compliments of Cinco Soles!

Cozumel Mexico Shopping for CandlesAn outstanding variety of candles can be found that will inspire romance and warmth throughout any household. Make sure to check out this enchanting section of the store. White candles that throw off a light amber color come in many shapes and sizes as well as prices. From Starfish to scented candles; you are sure to find one that is just right for you. Of course they make great gifts as well!

Cozumel vacation gift ideasA most unusual form of art is very popular at Cinco Soles. The theme is the sea and fish of course. What else would you expect from Cozumel Mexico? You will not find this original art form anywhere else on the island. The best pieces are a bit pricey but well worth it. You will also find exquisite small pieces at very reasonable prices.

Tequila anyone? Los Cinco Soles has a very large selection of premium tequila and they also have barrels of tequila in front of their display case for anyone wishing to have a taste of one of Mexico's most popular liquors. The Blue Agave 100% reposado Tequila is the best. Jose Cuervo is probably the most over rated and popular of all the Tequilas. In order for this libation to earn the name "Tequila" it must be grown, harvested and manufactured, in the northwestern state of Jalisco, in particular Guadalajara. Tequila shopping; Cozumel MexicoVery much like Champaign must be made in France otherwise if it is made in California it is called "sparkling wine"!

Make sure to try one of Mexico's most famous elixirs!

Mexican Pottery; Cinco SolesOne of my favorite displays is this display in the far left side of the store in the furniture section. The combination of pottery, wood rings and rope is unique and tasteful. Each piece is tastefully detailed and there are no two pieces that are the same. Whether you are thinking about a great birthday present for someone else or a unique gift for yourself to put on your desk or end table; you will enjoy the luxurious feel and warmth of these one of a kind works of Mexican art.

In the woman's clothing section of the store is located in the back left section; next to Pancho's Back Yard. There you will find a very fine selection of exclusive embroidered women's dresses, wraps, tops, skirts and just about any accessory imaginable. This line of clothing is beach formal and would be a hit at any party from casual to cocktail.

Womens Clothing; Cinco Soles ShoppingFor the discriminating woman and for the man who likes to spoil her; this section of the store is a must visit while on your very special vacation!

I hope that you have enjoyed this feature of one of Cozumel finest and most unique shopping experiences. And I hope that you have the very best vacation ever!

If you would like to see a slide show with more pictures of Los Cinco Soles just click here!

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