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  • Cozumel Carnival 2010
  • Cozumel Carnival 2010
  • Cozumel Carnival 2010
  • Cozumel Carnival 2010
  • Cozumel Carnival 2010OOPS!!!!!!
Cozumel Carnival 2010 Cozumel Carnival 2010 Cozumel Carnival 2010 Cozumel Carnival 2010 Cozumel Carnival 2010

Cozumel Mexico's Carnival 2010!

Cozumel Carnival 2010As the night falls on Cozumel Mexico, the animated characters come out to play. Carnival 2010 came to an end on February 16th (Fat Tuesday), with much fanfare and fireworks.

The Roving Reporter got press access and was allowed to use media lighting so that the video below could be brought to you in the best possible light.

If you were here in person you had to stand up above the crowd, and wait for each float to appear. There were some delays as the procession advanced; but with the magic of editing we took all of these delays out for your viewing pleasure.

The other advantage to being in the press area was that the parade participants made sure to ham it up for the cameras. The batman float was one of my favorites (pictured on the right).

Cozumel Carnival dates vary from year to year. The best way to find out the official dates is to check our Cozumel Carnival page sometime before September. As soon as the dates are official I always post them on this page.

Carnival super marioAside from the expected parades, floats, and spontaneous dancers who travel throughout the town in search of innocent bystanders to entertain; you will be impressed by the town square. There you will find delicious local mouth watering cuisine and plenty of ice cold beer to wash it down!

Another attraction are the numerous entertainment venues located in and around the square. You will be able to see these cultural music events at the end of the video along with the spectacular fireworks display!

After having a few "cervezas" visitors will find themselves gyrating along side of the locals. Genuine warm smiles are plentiful and contagious. The island rhythms will move you and the colorful costumes are like eye candy.

This magic is the reason why so many visitors mark Cozumel Carnival as a must attend event annually.

If you do not feel like standing there are plenty of bleacher seats located along the main parade route near the museum. For more comfortable seating; the best vantage points can be found on the south side of the waterfront, across from the new Mega Supermarket, and as far down as Margaritaville.

Come to Cozumel Carnival 2016!When planning your next vacation to Cozumel we recommend Casa Colonial vacation rentals because it is not only the only vacation rentals on Cozumel to be featured annually on CBS televisions "The Price Is Right", but it is also a colorful reminder of the festive flavors and culture of old Colonial Mexico!

As far as general information that is useful for planning your next vacation you can always use the islands premiere vacation guide. You will find the link at the upper left corner of this page.

If you want to take advantage of the islands #1 concierge service you can check out Cozumel Concierge. Sarah will be happy to take care of logistical matters for you.

I hope that you enjoy the movie and we look forward to your participation in next years Carnival madness!!

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