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Instructions on how to get to Cozumel from the Cancun Airport:

After clearing customs at the Cancun Airport terminal look for the kiosks that offer transfers to Playa del Carmen.

Option 1: Look for the desks that offer shuttle service to "Playa del Carmen." The shuttles will cost about 180 pesos per person and space will be shared with other riders. 

Option 2: Take a taxi (located just outside the airport’s front doors)and hire it exclusively to take up to a party of 4 to Playa del Carmen for about 900 pesos + (this is about 75 USD, and the rate can be negotiated). This is the fastest option to get to Playa del Carmen.

Option 3: To save money take the ADO bus line, which takes a little longer. ADO’s counter is also located in-between the right and left kiosks. The ADO bus costs around 154 pesos per person or 12 U.S. per person. After buying the tickets, proceed with your luggage outside and veer toward the right, where the bus terminal is located (straight ahead are the taxi's). If in doubt just ask anyone where "ADO" is.

Do avoid the desks that say Tourist Advisory, as this is Time Share and will only slow you down.

From Playa del Carmen, taxi, shuttle drop off or Ado bus station(all pretty much side-by-side) simply follow other passengers down the hill and there will be several ticket booths. A sign will be posted at each booth for the next departure time (or if in doubt just ask where is the "Barco a Cozumel"). (cost: approx. $12 USD per person/one way). The crossing takes about 30-40 minutes. The hours of operation for the crossings change frequently. We recommend that you only buy one way tickets each way because the 3 ferry companies have different schedules and do not honor each other’s tickets. 

It is very easy to get here by following these instructions, and we have many guests who come in from Cancun so don't worry about the details. Just print out and follow these instructions, and you will not have a problem! 

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