• Blanc du NilCozumel casual!
  • Blanc du NilOn the Melgar
  • Blanc du NilBeautiful white beach wear
  • Blanc du NilCool and Breezy
  • Blanc du Nil100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Blanc du NilGreat present for yourself or a loved one
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Blanc du Nil, Cozumel Shopping!

Cozumel Shopping, Blanc du NilBlanc du Nil has a French name and origin with a distinctive Mediterranean style that is a perfect addition to Cozumel's shopping scene. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton, this island casual line is a must visit store while strolling down the Melgar on Cozumel.

If you want to show your friends that you know the best places to find Cozumel shopping treasures this is the place. Blanc du nil (White Nile) is a company specializing in women's and men's ready-to-wear which sells all white clothing that is manufactured in Turkey. Most of their boutiques are in Europe, but you can find them scattered throughout the Caribbean. You won't find Blanc du Nil anywhere else in Mexico except for Cozumel.

The look is sophisticated, stylish, and as we say "tropicool"! Everything they sell is White Beach wear lite and airy beach wear. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Short sleeve shirts, shorts, lightweight sweaters, drawstring pants, dresses from casual to formal can be found here. You will have no problem finding something to take home and their cloth make great gifts too! The women's wear is especially varied. They have a large variety of Sun dresses to choose from as well as shirts and skirts. The price points can range around $35 dollars per piece when they are having a sale. These items would normally sell for $70 to $80 dollars. Items that normally sell for 50 to 60 dollars can be found marked down substantially during a sale. Blanc du Nil is located one block north of the people Ferry downtown. There is a second location that is 2 blocks south of the downtown ferry pier.

We highly recommend Blanc du Nil for anyone looking for a great casual ready to wear shop on Cozumel!

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