Cozumel Mexico Vacation Guide


Cozumel Accommodations.

Cozumel Accommodations


Cozumel accommodations: with so many options to choose from these days how do I know where to start?..................Answer?


That depends on two things...The type of accommodations you are looking for; Hotel, All Inclusive, or Vacation Rentals.  And the second thing is; how much will your budget allow?


This is simple enough on the surface but once you start to look into the various options available on Cozumel you will find yourself overwhelmed with choices. Another problem is that some of the places look great on the web site; but once you get to them they look like something completely different. You then realize that the photos that you looked at on the web site were taken when the place was new (15 years ago)! This is no way to start your vacation.


The solution? Cozumel; the vacation guide for the savvy traveler!


We did extensive research here on Cozumel, where we live, and have come up with a short list of the best hotels, all inclusive resorts, and vacation rentals for your consideration. Based on this research and our knowledge of the island and its many vacation rental options; below is an interactive list of the best Cozumel accommodations available in their respective price ranges. Simply pick the price range and type of accommodations that most suites your needs and you will be taken to the web site that represents the best Cozumel lodging available in that price range.


Once again it is important to remember that no one on our web site pays to be linked. This is simply a tool to help you have the best experience possible while visiting beautiful Cozumel Mexico.


Cozumel accommodations

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Lodging options are plentiful and run the scale from top end to economy. There are large and small hotels and motels, inns, guesthouses, vacation rentals, and "All Inclusive resorts". The best thing to do is think about what you want from your vacation and how best to accomplish this, with consideration for who will be accompanying you. This will also help you to narrow down your choices. For example; a party of four (two couples) who want to split the cost of the lodgings and yet have their own separate bedrooms with kitchen facilities included might consider a vacation rental villa. While others who plan to only want a "room" to sleep in would consider staying in an inexpensive hotel. No matter where you stay we want for you to have the best vacation possible! If you ever come across an outstanding value in a place that you have stayed please drop us a line. We will investigate on this end and if it turns out to be better then what we have listed on our list we will be happy to update it!


We know that you have choices and we do hope that you will be coming to visit. There are so many thing to see and do. I am certain that you will have one of the best experiences of your life! We hope that you will come back time and time again!


Great price-no pool Best Dollar/Value Ratio HOtel Intercontenental Iberostar B & B Casa Pequena Shown in the picture to the left Castillo Del Rey Luxury in town Art and architecture